Greeter Ministry

"Let all things be done decently and in order"  - 1 Corinthians 14:40

Purpose of the Greeter Ministry

The purpose of the Greeters are to extend a personal welcome to as many people as possible who enter the church, with special and specific emphasis on those who are visitors.  A smile can go a long way!  Greeters are one of the first points of contact to those who enter the church building.  Greeters are responsible for greeting and directing all people who come to New Life Bible Church services before, during and after services.

Mission of the Greeter Ministry

Greeting someone as they enter the church is a most important ministry.  Greeters simply take their place at the entrance and welcome people as they arrive.

Vision of the Greeter Ministry

The vision of the Greeters are to conduct orientation and training.

Events of the Greeter Ministry

Annual Appreciation / Anniversary

Training Annual / Initial

Roll Call (members) of the Greeters

(Greeters): Llamdia Anderson; Angela Church; David Grainger; Arthur Hall; Marion Harrington; Beulah Mallard; Terri Mansfield; Evelyn Ouzts; Lofton Stewart; Sharon Tucker; Paulette Tyre

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