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New Life Guest Ministry

usher_indexpic"For a day in your courts is better than a thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell the tents of wickedness. - Psalms 84:10"

President: Cheryl Minick
Secretary: Annette Johnson
Treasure - Daisy Smith

The purpose of the Guest Ministry is to create an atmosphere where members and visitors will sense the love of the Lord and greet worshippers making every attempt to make them feel welcomed and at ease:

1) Extending a greeting to everyone and assist those who enter the church with appropriate seating. 2) Assist the Pastor in maintaining order during worship services through managing sanctuary entry and physical movement. 3) Provide direction to different parts of the church, as well as other aspects as required.  4) Assist in offerings, alter calls and church ordinances.

Mission of the Guests Ministry

The mission of the Guest’s Ministry is to be an ambassador of kindness, to be aware of the people's special needs, and to make the members and visitors are glad they came to worship at New Life Bible Church.  We are called to be doorkeepers in the house of God and to be on guard at all times.  To help care for God's people by demonstrating Godly love through acts of kindness and service.

Vision of the Guests Ministry

The vision of the Guest's Ministry is to develop a ministry devoted to the training and teaching of ushers and greeters so they will be able to make the members and visitors of the New Life Bible Church will worship God comfortably.  To develop a ministry that provides usher and greeter services for New Life Bible Church worship services and special activities.

The ministry consists of Adult Ushers and Greeters (Ages 19 and older) and provides usher and greeter services on Sundays at both the 8:30 am & 11:00am Sunday Services. (Exception: 3rd Sunday at 8:30 am & 11:00 am). Monthly meetings will be held every first Saturday morning at 9:00 am.

Events of the Guests Ministry

Annual Appreciation / Anniversary

Training Annual / Initial

Roll Call (members) of Guests Ministry

(Ushers):  Alicia Adamson; Doris Bowie; Robert Bullard; Lue Campbell; Charles Dorsey; Greg Ellis Brenda Glenn; Doris Harvin; Annette Johnson; Reggie Jones; Sarita Mallard; Keturah McClendon; Cheryl Minick; Andre Ramseur; Annie Rose; Daisy Smith; Theresa Thomas; Trina Tuggle; Phillip Vince; Jackie Washington; Chris Wiggins

(Greeters): Llamdia Anderson; Angela Church; David Grainger; Arthur Hall; Marion Harrington; Beulah Mallard; Terri Mansfield; Evelyn Ouzts; Lofton Stewart; Sharon Tucker; Paulette Tyre

(Junior Ushers):  Racine Bennett; Raykwan Bennett; Nabria Billings; Quincy Ridley; Najee Thomas; Angelo Walker; Zakyree Wallace

Guest Ministry Captains

1st Sunday
8:30 - Daisy Smith
11:00 - Robert Bullard

2nd Sunday
8:30 - Annie Rose
11:00 - Jackie Washington

3rd Sunday
8:30 - Nabria Billings
11:00 - Quincy Ridley

4th Sunday
8:30 - Brenda Glenn
11:00 - Sarita Mallard

5th Sunday
8:30 - Doris Bowie
11:00 - Chris Wiggins

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