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New Life Pre-Teen Ministry

newlife_preteenWe will be training and preparing middle aged youth (10-13 years) to become true disciples of Christ, sharing the gospel in our churches, schools, communities, and the uttermost parts of the earth- as we are commanded.

We believe the Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, and the doom of sinners...
  • It is our mission -to establish a personal relationship with God- through the study of His Word

  • It is our mission -to see clearly the spirit of this world by knowing the spirit of God- through the understanding of His Word

  • It is our mission -to love one another with the unconditional love that God has shown us and to be true disciples made in His image- through the living of His Word

  • It is our mission -to equip ourselves with the spiritual armor needed to be able to boldly go into our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and the world leading non-believers to the love of Christ- through the teaching of His Word

  • It is our mission -to study, to understand, to live and to teach-through His Word

Our Goals

  • Establish an intimate and personal relationship with God

  • Boldly profess and lead others to Christ

  • Actively involve all youth 10-13 years of age in the ministry

  • We will not allow a child at New Life to be lost to the world!

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