Junior Ushers Ministry

"Train up a child"  - Proverbs 22:6

Purpose of the Junior Usher Ministry

Working alongside adult Ushers, the Junior Ushers are an intricate extension of the Guest Ministry.

Mission of the Junior Usher Ministry

The mission of the Junior Ushers are to be taught all aspect of the Guest’s Ministry; are assigned and expected to render service with dedication, commitment and responsibility in their own junior usher capacity.

Vision of the Junior Usher Ministry

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders; and, tomorrow's leadership will require ushers.  In training ourchildren in Guest Ministry while they are young, they should transition to full service as an adult usher or greeter when they do reach adulthood.


This ministry consists of Junior Ushers (Ages 13 to 18) and provides usher services on every 3rd Sunday at 8:30 am and 11:00 am.  Monthly meetings will be held the first Saturday at 9:00 am.


Annual Appreciation / Anniversary

Training Annual / Initial

Roll Call (members) of the Junior Ushers

(Junior Ushers):  Racine Bennett; Raykwan Bennett; Nabria Billings; Quincy Ridley; Najee Thomas; Angelo Walker; Zakyree Wallace